Roommates are Important!

You probably already know the most important thing about roommates, the main reason for having one (or more) in the first place: sharing expenses. If we were all independently wealthy, decisions about whether or not to have roommates would be less stressful but clearly that isn't the case. But they are important, maybe even more important, than this-and this is why I insist that roommate problems are important. Roommate problems are important because roommates are important.

Introducing "homesharecentral"

I have created "" because I think homesharing -- an old idea that is becoming more and more popular recently -- is a fabulous concept and I want to help it to succeed.  And by "succeed" I mean "benefit as many people as it genuinely can."  There is no reason to try to talk someone into sharing their home if they are simply not interested.  But more and more people are beginning to suspect that they might benefit -- and maybe even enjoy it!