Okay, so you need a roommate. More than likely it's a financial decision: sharing 
expenses, especially housing, can make all the difference to a budget. And 
sometimes you just have no choice. If you are a college student and you want to 
live in one of the dorms, in many cases the only choice you have is to have a 
roommate or possibly more than one. So there are definitely times when the 
ability to make a roommate situation work well can be important if not essential.   
Life would be a lot simpler if we could just go out in the world and have our 
dealings with other individuals work out as smoothly as possible every time. This 
would be especially helpful in the case of roommates because, as anyone who has 
struggled with roommate problems is well aware, these kinds of issues are the 
"gift that goes on giving." Unlike the temporary interactions we have with others, 
where it really doesn't matter if we get along with them or not, a roommate by 
definition is someone you are going to be dealing with on an ongoing basis. 
Since we don't live in that ideal world where our dealings with others always go 
the way we hope they would, anything we can do to increase the likelihood of a 
roommate situation working well is going to be a big help to our lives. 
Here is a preview of my thinking about roommate problems, why they are so 
widespread, and why they can be helped: you and your roommates in your home 
— large estate, dorm room, city apartment, whatever — form your own 
community. It’s only natural to tend to emulate the larger community, the 
neighborhood, city, state, country, since that, too is where we live. But look at the 
facts:    our world, the primary community we all share, has an awful track record 
where conflict is concerned.     
If you want your community, where you and your roommates live, to do better 
and to be more peaceful and harmonious than the world at large, it’s worth 
looking at why there is so much conflict in the world — and figuring out how to do 
better in YOUR world.    This is where “World peace — one roommate at a time!” 
can really make a difference. 
This is my goal, as The Roommate Coach —      to help you get along with others 
where it really counts. I am well aware of how tricky dealing with people can be; I 
have no illusions about everyone suddenly holding hands and singing by the  campfire. This is why I am not promising miracles or any overnight magical transformations like you see in the movies. But since the roommate situation by definition is essential to our financialwellbeing much of the time, any kind of improvement will be worth the effort. 

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