I have created "homesharecentral.org" because I think homesharing -- an old idea that is becoming more and more popular recently -- is a fabulous concept and I want to help it to succeed.  And by "succeed" I mean "benefit as many people as it genuinely can."  There is no reason to try to talk someone into sharing their home if they are simply not interested.  But more and more people are beginning to suspect that they might benefit -- and maybe even enjoy it!  These are the primary audience here, those who want as much information as possible so they can make a truly informed decision about such an important topic.

So what exactly does "as much information as possible" mean?  The basics are pretty easy to understand: somebody moves in, shares your space, and pays some portion of the rent.  Many "homeshares" involve  a younger person living with an older person; the older person is frequently the homeowner.  Sometimes the rent is paid, at least partially, by providing some help.  These are all straightforward and pretty obvious.

The information I'm talking about is more subtle, and maybe much more important to those considering getting involved:  how does it work?  What's good, what's not so good, what kinds of things can make it better?  And most of all:  HOW DO THOSE WHO HAVE TRIED IT FEEL ABOUT THEIR DECISION?
This is another version of something the car manufacturers put in their ads years ago:  "Ask the guy who owns one."  There is no substitute for experience.  Online reviews have become hugely popular in recent years because we all know "word of mouth" is the best information of all.

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